Task Assistant (TA)

Task Assistant (TA) is a collaborative task management application that gives users the capability to author, edit, retrieve, share, and monitor task lists within a team. In this way, Task Assistant makes checklists or standard operating procedures into live, dynamic entities that can evolve and adapt over time. Task Assistant User’s Guide Task Assistant Server … Read more

Task Learning (Adept)

The PAL Task Learning component Adept enables parameterized tasks to be learned from demonstrated examples, modified by the user, and subsequently executed to perform related tasks. In this way, Adept can enable end-user automation of routine or time-consuming tasks, thus freeing user time to focus on more cognitively demanding activities. Adept User Guide Adept Installation … Read more

Time Manager (Emma)

Time Manager (Emma) is a personalized calendar management assistant that handles email meeting requests, reserves venues, and schedules events. It learns user preferences unobtrusively over time by observing user decisions with respect to scheduling options. The system interfaces with commercial enterprise calendaring platforms and operates seamlessly with users who do not have Time Manager. Time … Read more

Workflow Activity Recognition and Proactive Asistantance (WARP)

The Workflow Activity Recognition and Proactive Assistance (WARP) system provides the capability to recognize user intent by matching observations of user actions to predefined models of workflows. WARP employs Logical Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) to support the recognition and tracking of hierarchical, interleaved workflows in domains that may involve hundreds to thousands of objects. WARP … Read more